Five reasons you shouldn’t miss china’s market now

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As an app developer, have you ever considered about China’s market? What is your opinion about the market in China? Today, I want to give you five reasons why you shouldn’t miss China’s market.

China now has the biggest amount of smartphone users

China, the most populous country, now holds more than 1.3 billion smartphones. That means China has the biggest users base. Developers can easily find their clients here. China is the blue sea waiting to be exploited. 

According to the data from App Annie, the revenue of IOS App Store in China has been higher than U.S since Q3 2016. The circumstance is the same with Android smartphones.

China’s market is lacking lots of utility apps

If you look at the homepage of Mac App Store, you will find that all the apps come from other countries. To be honest, it’s not easy for utility apps to rank high in the lost, but it can’t change the fact that people need it. Based on the Long-tail Theory, China is a huge market with long-tail clients, and apps distribution is not gonna raise your costs much.

Let’s take password management apps for example, all the password management apps were designed outside China. There are still a number of users in China although they are not in the designers’ original picture. In fact, apps of utility are very welcome in China.

Good apps are in great need

The cause of GFW and the absence of Google Play make Chinese app market a mess. There’s a lack of utility apps and some other good apps in China. People who values their privacy and efficiency will definitely buy a good app without second thought.

If you look at Evernote, 1password or Ulysses, they all successfully launched in China. The only thing 1password and Ulysses have done, is to offer a Chinese version. Everyone expects to have better experience, especially those Chinese users who has been neglected for so long.

People are more willing to pay the price

At this time, more and more Chinese would like to pay for the intellectual outcome, movie, music and also apps. Considering that 1.3 billion base, if only a few of them become your clients, that will still be a huge number to look for. The data from App Annie shows that the revenue from China is more than the US since Q3 2016. And according to SensorTower, in Q1 2018, there is 17 billion revenue in the mobile game and 2.8 billion from others apps.

In fact, Chinese users are seeking and willing to pay for good apps without advertisement and private information gathering.

Substitute of Google Play

As we all know, only a few people in mainland China can access Google Play. But there is no need to worry about that, there are lots of replacements for Google Play. 

For example, the App Store allows the developer to sell their apps in China easily. Mac App Store and Microsoft App Store are also working properly.

Besides, users can use the credit card to pay the subscription fee like the Remembear. You can set up activation code and authorize an agency to sell it online.

Anyway, don’t miss China

As a writer who works for one of the biggest app media in China for four years, I really hope to see more useful apps could be launched in China. And next time, I will write about five categories of apps that most needed in China.


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