Consumer Insight of Chinese Consumers

This service is most beneficial for 2C services or app. I will help you identify your potential customers or help your depth the understanding of your existing consumer. By consumer insight, I will help you understand who they are, what they want and how they behave. Ultimately, I will tell you if your service or products are suited to China’s market and justify them. After this research, I will work with you to set up a plan to thrive in China’s market.

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  • Why hire you?

    I only recommend the SMEs to hire me. There is always an option like McKensy who’s also experienced in the Chinese market. However, for SME, hiring a large corporation means to pay more fee, having a longer process, and also, a less dedicated researcher.
    • Why specific to Chinese consumer?

      I am Chinese which makes me easier to approach your potential or existing consumer. With a similar culture, it’s easy for me to understand your consumer.
      • Can you form an English business report by this research?

        Yes, I will submit an English version business report and if needed I can present my research with online video chat or face to face chat (additional condition may require).
        • How much it takes to deliver the service?

          First of all, market research requires times. Secondly, we need to discuss the detail before the project start. Therefore, please expecting at least 28 days. It depends on what the goal is.