You Business Guidance to China: Have Chinese Support First

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There is no doubt that China is one of the biggest markets all around the world. More and more companies want to share profits in China. To enter the Chinese market, Chinese support is the first thing you need.

Having Chinese support is not only about translating the script or the basic UI into Chinese. On one hand, Google translation is not accurate or faithful enough for commercial purposes.

On the other hand, you clients may encounter many different bugs or problems, they can’t directly communicate with you. Once I download a great app from MAS, it’s an app use to write the articles. And I found a very important bug which is Chinese input doesn’t work well on that app. I send an email to them in English, and in a week they fix that problems. But if I can’t speak English, it’s hard for me to communicate with they.

My point is, having Chinese support is not only about Chinese can read and use the app. But also about response their help request. Not only this, if you look at Google Play or App Store, dozens of app use Google to translate their expects. But honestly, as an Chinese, I really can’t understand what they are trying to say.

As a reporter who works for the tech medias for a long time, I read lots of reply about Chinese supports. They ask me, “Is there any version of Chinese?” And there are group of people who translate those apps and games into Chinese, also they are separating pirate edition. But, what else choose for those people who can’t read Chinese? 


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